This Not for Profit organization has just rented an office in Mississauga, ON, Canada. There is a need for volunteers to assist in the accessing of END-TIME RESOURCES to whoever is interested in becoming WISE VIRGINS for the soon return of our Master. Please email us if you live within the vicinity of Mississauga Area so as to avail yourself of even a minimum of 5 hours a day 3 x a week to assist in the running of the office. 

If in anyway you are interested to be used by GOD in these last days, please check any of the  packages that you are interested in and instead of the monetary donation, you could substitute volunteer hours instead of the Package Price. Proper certification for the said package will be provided to you  in lieu of the PACKAGE PRICE. The important thing is that you are availing  yourself to be of service to  GOD and your Fellowmen. The primary reason in offering the packages is for the maintenance of the website and office. Donation in cash or service is acceptable so as to fulfill the vision of the Lord Jesus for the mandate given to this ministry. God bless you and we look forward into receiving an email from you . Please write us and include us in your prayers. Thank you. Maranatha!

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